SnoStar Scout II project

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A SnoStar tribute, in Scout II trim!

The SnoStar was a Scout 800 and a D Series pickup package, and was not available on a Scout II...however when we purchased a Scout II for snow removal on our lot, I figured a little makeover was in the cards!  This is a simple scuff-n-shoot paint job, which only took a few hours total.  We're in the process of replacing the floors and patching the gaping holes in the firewall and cargo area.  There is no doubt about the previous owner's story that this thing had been a plow truck all it's life!  It has the scars and cancer to prove it!  It does, however, show what CAN be done, even with the worst-case truck.  This is a quickie, and won't win any beauty contests!  It'll be good enough to use for a shop truck and plow vehicle, and will show some of the "other options" out there that we can do, for floors and rockers.  The rockers are 3/16" rectangular tubing...plenty strong enough to jack the whole truck up by!