Employment Opportunities

We are currently looking to expand our team.  This is a very difficult thing for us to do, as we are like family here at Scoutco....in fact, we ARE family.  Our team currently consists of brothers Mike and Eddie in the shop, and Mike's wife Jennifer in the office.  That's it.  As you can imagine, the decision to open up to an "outsider" is one we have thougth long and hard about, but with the increased popularity of the vehicles we specialize in, the phone calls keep coming in!  We have a waiting list for restoration services that continues to grow, and GREAT patient customers who continue to wait...but it is making me pull out my hair at night when I sit down and try to "leave work at work".  So, it is time. 

So, what do we do here?  We do a lot of things.  We need a person who is a bit of a Jack of All Trades, really.  You may be sweeping the floor and cleaning the bathroom today, and (If you are still reading, you passed the first test) tomorrow you may be doing an LS engine swap in a Scout.  We do everything from simple maintenance on local folks' IHs, to full restorations from the frame up.  We do engine and drivetrain swaps, brake work, axle upgrades and regearing, engine sealing and upgrades, we lay carpet and sound control mat, we rewire from front to rear, we replace ujoints and ball joints, we install fuel injection systems and stereos.  Seriously, it is a different job laid out before you almost every day.  Some days it is as fun as any job could ever be...some days you'll want to pull your covers back up and stay in bed.  It's a job, there are days that you love, and days that you hate.

No doubt, with us being a small family operation, the process of hiring a new face will look different than most "help wanted" ads, from the ad itself, to the interview process, to training, etc.  Let's begin with what we are looking for, and then I'll list some of what we are not looking for. 

Gotta have-it:
-Reliability.  If you are supposed to be here from 8-5, be here from 8-5.  If you are tasked to do something, do it. 
-Willingness to learn.  If you don't know, ask...just don't ask the same thing 15 times in a week.  I guess that means willingness AND ability to learn.
-Willingness to teach.  We may be old guys, stuck in our ways...but if you know a new trick, we aren't unwilling to learn it ourselves!
-Work Ethic.  A biggie for us.  This is a JOB, and a job is WORK.  If you don't want to work, don't come asking about the job.
-No fear of dirt and grime.  I know it is hard to imagine, but sometimes a 40 year old truck is simply not clean.
-Pride.  Another biggie.  If you can go home at the end of the week and NOT brag a little bit to your friends and family about what you accomplished, you may not make it here.
-Sense of humor.  Again, this is a family, here...we will have more trouble finding the right attitude than we will a person who can do the work.  Thick skin, and ability to dish it out are a must.

Can't have-it:
-Laziness.  You can sleep and sit around at home.  If you are here, find something to do.
-Short-cut attitude.  Do it right, or do it twice...and I don't want to do it twice.
-Slow learner.  I want to help and guide, but I don't want to hold your hand for months.
-Poor safety habits.  I've seen enough blood.

If you are still reading, you may be who we are looking for.  In a perfect world, I'd like a person who comes in here with a box of their own tools, knows their way around a plasma cutter and a MIG welder for rust repair, knows a little bit about auto body to get the patch panels roughed in, and can diagnose an engine leak or noise and fix it themselves, and has some electrical knowledge...BUT this is stuff that can be taught if need be.  Obviously, the rate of pay would increase as skills and experience increase. 

If you'd like to know more, please email us!  We'd love to set up a time to have you stop in and sit down with us for a little bit, and let you see what we are working on in the shop, and go into more detail about it.